Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Creamy Potato Soup made with simple ingredients. No Cream or cheese added.


Onion Garlic Olive Oil Potatoes Besan (Gram Flour) Salt Black pepper Water (veg stock) as per consistency



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Step 1

Wash and chop potatoes and onions. While onions are sauteed in a heavy- bottomed pan, roast gram flour in a skillet till aromatic.

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Step 2

You may use any other flour as well. But this recipe is gluten free. 

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Step 3

Add chopped potatoes and salt. Let it cook on slow flame with lid for about 15 min or till fork tender.

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Step 4

Add roasted gram flour, water  and cook in water for about 5 min. 

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Step 5

Season with black pepper. Add water as per the consistency. You may add cheese or veg stock at this step. 

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Step 6

The Simple Potato Soup is ready. Serve it hot. 

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