Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

You Can't Say No To Creamy pesto Sauce that is free of cheese and yet so delicious!

PREP TIME:  15 min

Spaghetti or any type of pasta Fresh sorted spinach leaves  Coconut Milk Oregano, black pepper, red chilly, salt lemon juice garlic olive oil



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Step 1

Roughly Chop spinach leaves and wash them under tap to remove any mud. 

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Step 2

Blanch the spinach leave sin a sauce pan for about 2-3 min. While they blanch, you may boil the spaghetti pasta.

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Step 3

Let the blanched leaves cool off and blend them in a food processor with garlic.

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Step 4

Cook the spinach garlic paste in a heavy bottomed pan or wok in olive oil. Let it cook on simmer for 3 min. Add all spices and salt. 

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Step 5

Add coconut milk and lemon juice and cook for another 2 min on slow flame.

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Step 6

Spaghetti pasta must have boiled by now. Put in a colander to drain any excess water.  We don't need to use pasta water.

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Step 7

Add boiled pasta over the spinach pesto cream sauce and mix well. 

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Step 8

The spinach creamy pesto pasta is ready. Serve it with olive oil and enjoy! 

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