Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

a traditional Indian drink to ward off cold cough- Turmeric Milk

PREP TIME: 2 min

raw turmeric root (turmeric powder) sugar whole black peppercorns (black pepper powder) Milk 



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Step 1

Boil milk on slow flame in a heavy bottomed saucepan.

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Step 2

While milk is simmering, add black pepper and sugar to it and freshly grate raw turmeric. raw turmeric looks like ginger root.

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Step 3

Let the milk cook on slow flame for about 5-8 min. Notice the change of color from white to yellow. 

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Step 4

Sieve it in cup and serve fresh and hot!

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Step 8

Enjoy the Turmeric Golden Milk and get relief from cold and cough in a simple homemade way!

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