Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Would you Say NO to Veg Pulao made healthy and tasty?

PREP TIME:  30 min

Jeera Bay Leaf, Big Eliachi Red Chily dried Onion andgarlic Tomato Gobhi, Matar Green Chily Haldi Red Chily powder Dhaniya Powder Raw Brwon Rice Desi gheeand salt



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Step 1

Soak Brown Rice for about 30 min. Brown rice take longer to cook than traditional white rice. 

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Step 2

Wash all veggies of the season and chop them as desired. Include whole spices  like Bayleaf, Moti Eliachi, Black Mirch, etc

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Step 3

Take Pressure Cooker and add desi ghee along with whole spices. Add Garlic, onion. Roast and then add veggies. 

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Step 4

Add ground Spices to the cooked veggies 

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Step 5

Add salt and cook veggies for a min.

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Step 6

Add soaked brown rice and water. Boil for 2 whistles on full.Simmer for 10-15 min. Open after 10 min of cooling off.

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Step 7

Hot, spicy and Healthy Brown Rice Pulao is ready! Team with dahi, papad and chutney.

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