Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Energy Balls made with Til, jaggery, alsi and little wheat flour to bind them, without any ghee

Roasted til, alsi are super healthy and keep you naturally warm in peak winters

These til ladoos are quick to make and can be stored easily for a week.

See How

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PREP TIME:  2 min

Til Alsi Jaggery  Wheat Flour Anjeer (chopped, optional)



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Step 1

Roast Sesame/Til on simmer in heavy kadai. Wait till you hear crack sound

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Step 2

Roast Alsi/ Flaxseed in the same kadai. I have added no ghee. Combine them and let them cool completely.

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Step 3

Roast little wheat flour for binding. Once the seeds cool off, dry grind them in grinder.  Take all together in a huge parath: til, alsi (ground) wheat. Mix them while it's warm or ladoo won't take form.

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Step 4

Gather small portion and press gently to form a ball.  If need be, grease your hand with ghee.

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