Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Healthy Rich in Vit C and Protein Kid's friendly Gluten Free Easy and Quick


Bell Pepper Onion Garlic Chili Desi Ghee(Secret) Sweet Potao Coconut Milk Dairy Milk Paneer Cubes



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Step 1

Chop veggies as desired Take a large wok/Kadai and heat Desi Ghee Add onion, garlic and green chilies.

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Step 2

Cook onions till transparent and add bell peppers and sweet potato. I like them ctucnhy and cook for about 3-45 min on simmer.

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Step 3

Add coconut milk, dairy milk, salt and black pepper. Cook it covered with lid for about 5 min..

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Step 4

Add paneer cubes and cook for 1 min. 

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Step 5

Thai Vegetable Soup is ready! Serve it with rice o bread.

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