Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Packed with Vitamin K, A, C - A hearty and light Soup that is Vegan & GF

PREP TIME: 10 min

Broccoli Florets Almonds whole dry and soaked overnight or in warm water for 15 min salt, black pepper olive oil onion, garlic



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Step 1

Wash and chop onion, garlic and broccoli.  soak almonds in water to take off their skin. 

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Step 2

In a large saucepan with heavy bottom, heat olive oil, saute onion and garlic till browned.

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Step 3

To the cooked onion garlic, add broccoli florets (wash them before using). No need to add water as broccoli will release water. 

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Step 4

Add salt, almonds without skin, and black pepper and cover with a lid. Let it cook on a slow flame for about 3-5 min. 

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Step 5

Broccoli is almost cooked and for tender. Let it cool off for blending. 

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Step 6

Blend when its coll to make a smooth paste. 

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Step 7

Add water or vegetable broth as  per the consistency you want. If you want to add cheese- Parmesan, cheddar, add now and cook for 2 min on slow flame.

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Step 8

The healthy creamy Broccoli Almond Soup is ready! Serve it hot!

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