A slow process Winter Lime Pickle In Indian Style

PREP TIME: 1 day

Fresh lemon of winters Red chili powder' salt Kala Namak (Pink Salt) Garam Masala Ajwain Sugar

COOK TIM No cooking but takes 20 days


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Step 1

Wash and dry lemons in sun. Drying of utensils, pickle jars in sun is a must. If there is a bit of moisture, the pickle can go bad.

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Step 2

Once lemons are dried, cut them in 4 halves or as desired and mix with salt and pink salt. Put them in a clean jar and show sun for 10-15 days.

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Step 3

After keeping in sun for many days, the lemon peel would softened up and turn brown in color.  Now you can add spices and sugar.

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Step 4

Make sure to use clean dry utensils. Keep the jars back in sun for a few days for sugar to melt and mix naturally.

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Step 5

This lemon pickle recipe needs lots of patience but is rewarding at the end.

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Step 6

After keeping in sun for about 2-3 weeks, the lemon pickle is ready! Enjoy!

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