Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

PREP TIME: 5 min

Red Carrots Winter - 1/2 kg (7 medium sized) 1/2 beetroot 1 inch ginger root a few twigs of mint leaves Pink Salt a pinch

Juice Time: 5 Min


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Step 1

Peel and wash carrots, beet, ginger and mint leaves. Darin any excess water. You may chop them if using high-speed blender for juicing.

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Step 2

Set the juicer. I have used Philips juicer. Put everything   in it.  Pres the button to juice and place the jar at the end point to collect it.

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Step 3

It is a high speed juicer and within a minute it yields the juice. I got about 2 small glasses.

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Step 4

Serve this beet carrot juice fresh and don't store it.

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