Healthy Weight-Loss Kid's friendly Protein-Rich Easy and Quick


Onions Tomato Pumpkin Cucumber (Star & secret ingredient) Bell Pepper Spinach Guava Feta Maple Syrup



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Flavorful and rich in Vitamins

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his Kala Chana Salad, a popular Indian Chana Chaat made with Black Chickpea is a healthy appetizer protein rich in savory flavors of onion, tomato, spices and lemon juice.

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Make this fall Special with this Roasted Pumpkin Spinach  Salad that is incredibly tasty, flavorful, rich in Vitamin A, C, iron,  calcium, proteins, and good fats

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Mashed Potatoes in a gluten-free salad is a great choice as it’s a rich source of carbs and coupling it with fiber makes a healthy snack

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A quick healthy side dish or light lunch for a busy day is  so easy to make with this recipe of  Veg Greek Salad enriched with salty  Feta (so no extra salt needed) zero oil.

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Veg Thai Salad is an elegant salad that can be made under 10 minutes if we have already boiled chickpeas

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