Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Quick recipe Spicy and flavorful Fresh ingredients The Best Tomato Chutney / Dip for South Indian Food.


Garlic Onion Tomato Ghee (Secret Ingredient) Curry Leave Mustard seeds, Cumin, Fenugreek (Methre) Dried Red Chili Salt



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Step 1

Roughly Chop onion and tomatoes. 

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Step 2

Heat Ghee and add garlic and onions.

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Step 3

Add dried red chilies. Feel free to reduce the heat.

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Step 4

Add whole spices, salt and tomatoes. Cook with lid on for about 5-7 min on simmer. Tomatoes leave water and let water be absorbed.

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Step 5

Let mixture be cooked on a slow flame and let flavors be mixed.

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Step 6

Once the mixture cools off completely, blend it to make a smooth paste.

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Step 7

The Spicy tomato chutney is ready! Top with curry leaves and enjoy this dip with Dosa, Idli or paratha

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