Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Indian Vegetarian Breakfast Kids Friendly Low in cholesterol and calories High in fiber.


Wheat flour Besan (Gram Flour) Freshly grated orange or green pumpkin green chili, salt ghee red chili powder, curd, lemon juice, raw mango powder, ajwain



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Step 1

Ina large bowl, grate the pumpkin  and don't squeeze water from it. We wish to have flavor of pumpkin

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Step 2

In steel parat, add pumpkin, flours, spices, salt, curd and ghee. Knead a not-so tight dough. Add water when needed.

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Step 3

Let the dough sit for about 10 min to have best texture and flavor. 

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Step 4

Take a portion of dough and roll to make a flatbread.

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Step 5

Place it on hot iron tawa and cook from both sides. Apply ghee when half cooked on each side.

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Step 6

Flip to cook from the other side on slow flame. 

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Step 7

Serve the hot crispy pumpkin paratha with achar and curd.

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