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One-pot Mushroom Masala is super healthy, vegan, and can be made in less than 15 minutes

Quick and Healthy Recipe for busy you!

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PREP TIME: 5 min

Button Mushroom Capsicum Onion Tomato Mustard oil Garlic Green Chilies Red Chily powder salt, Turmeric, jeera Garm Masala Lemon Juice  Kasoori Methi



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Step 1

Gather all ingredients. Wash them under tap. Chop / slice as you desire.

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Step 2

Heat Mustard Oil on full flame. Once it cools off, add Jeera, Onion. Let onions be transparent. Takes 2-3 min.

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Step 3

Add Chopped Capsicum and cover with lid on a slow flame.

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Step 4

Add spices, salt and tomatoes once capsicum is cooked and tender.

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Step 5

Add mushrooms. They would leave water and gradually shrink. Cover with lid. Add Lemon juice once the mushroom is cooked fully.

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Step 6

Low Calorie Mushroom Masala is ready. Make it more spicy or less as per your taste. Team with Roti or Paratha.

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