Lemon Coriander Soup Recipe


Easy Low Cal Veg Soup Fresh Ingredients You can't resist it!


100% homemade with super easy recipe and healthy as it's made  using my secret ingredient...


Guess what??

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PREP TIME: 10 min

veg stock:1  onion 1 small carrot 1 small potato 4 garlic cloves water for soup 1 tsp DESI GHEE (Secret Ingredient) 1 large lemon fresh coriander leaves salt and black pepper



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Step 1

Boil all ingredients of veg stock for 2 whistles. Cool off and blend to get the veg stock

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Step 2

Saute Onion, carrot in desi ghee for a min and add vegs tock along with slat and black pepepr. Cover and cook for 5 minon simmer.

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Step 3

Add coriander leaves and lemon and boil for a min. 

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Step 4

Team with your favourite bread and enjoy the flavour-rich soup full of nutrition.

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