Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Healthy Low Calorie Kid's friendly Vegan & Gluten Free Flavorful


Mushrooms Mustard Oil (Secret Ingredient) Green chillies Tomato Peas (Matar) Red Chilly powder Garm Masala Haldi Heeng &Jeera Salt



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Step 1

Heat Mustard oil on full for about 1 min. Let it cool off. Add Heeng , Jeera

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Step 2

Add tomatoes and green chilies. (Add onions before tomatoes, I had skipped it as I made it during Navratri) 

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Step 3

Add all spices once tomatoes are done.

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Step 4

Add peas and salt and let it cook for a min by covering with lid.

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Step 5

Add Mushrooms. Mushrooms will leave water. It takes about 4-5 min. Once the water is absorbed or mushrooms are tender, add coriander leaves.

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Step 6

The flavorful Matar Mushroom are ready . Team it with paratha or chapati and Enjoy!

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