Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Healthy Gluten Free Protein Rich Easy and Quick


Paneer Cubes onion tomato capsicum ginger garlic lemon hung curd desi ghee spices: Haldi, red Chilly, Dhaniya, Garm Masala, Methi Leaves Besan



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Step 1

Dice onion tomato capsicum and paneer. Add hung curd, spices, lemon, desi ghee, Besan ina large bowl.

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Step 2

Mix well everything Add paneer cubes and veggies and cover it for around 1.5-2 hrs.  If weather is hot, keep it near cool place.

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Step 3

Make sure to cover coating properly on all veggies. 

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Step 4

Put it in the rods or as it is on baking tray. Bake in OTG for about 20 min at 180 degree. Preheat OTG for 15 min

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Step 5

Check for the roasted color. It should be done when onions start  getting overroasted. You may choose to roast more if you like that.

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Step 6

Serve this healthy paneer tikka with green dip, raw onions and lemon. 

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