Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Vitamin Rich Immunity Booster Drink Homemade Juice Perfect Recipe


Fresh Amla Fruit (Indian gooseberry) Maple Syrup (optional) Black Salt. Black Pepper Water as needed



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What Are Gooseberries?

Gooseberries are amla fruit, rich in Vitamin C and they may taste sour and tangy. Add sugar for best taste.

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Step 1

Roughly chop the amla and remove the seeds.

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Step 2

Add chopped amla with little water to blend into a smooth paste.

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Step 3

Place it in the fine-mesh strainer and with the back of the spoon, squeeze the juice. 

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Step 4

Amla juice is ready. Add the salt, black pepper and maple syrup and mix well.

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Serve Amla Juice

Make sure to consume the amla juice fresh and don't store it,

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