Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

Healthy Desi Ghee Indian Curry Kid's friendly Gluten Free Easy and Quick

PREP TIME:  5-6 hrs

Cumin/ Jeera Dry Chickpeas (chole) Desi Ghee (Secret Ingredient) Salt Water Bayleaf Black Pepper (Whole) Indian Spices -whole & powdered



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Step 1

Soak dry chickpeas for about 5-6 hrs or overnight.

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Step 2

Drain the water in which chickpeas were soaked.  Transfer the soaked chickpeas to a pressure cooker and  add water to soak them 1 inch. .

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Step 3

Boil for 2 whistles on full and simmer for 15 min, Boil with salt, grated giner The boiled chickpeas will be soft and their peel would come off.

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Step 4

In a Kadai/ wok, add ghee, bayleaf, clove, cardamom, black pepper and onion, green chili, and  garlic.

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Step 5

Add tomatoes and cook till they absorb ghee. Add chole masala, red chily powder 

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Step 6

Once gravy is ready, add boiled choley and simmer for 10 min or till they are thick.

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Step 7

The healthy and delicious Chickpea curry / punjabi chole masala is ready! Serve with rice, paratha or poori!

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