The Trendy Winter Veggie

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One of the biggest winter greens trends this year has been the Bathua Leaves. Let’s see why...


Bathua is packed with iron, Viitamin C, A, B, calcium and many minerals. A Low calorie High Fibre green that is perfect for weight-loss!

100% yummy and healthy without the calories to weigh you down.


Health benefits

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Veggie Facts: Bathua

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01 2itamin C, Calcium, Potasium RIch Source

02 Full of Iron

03 Loaded with B6

Prep Time: 20 Min

1.5 cup Wheat Flour 200 gm boiled, cooled Bathua Leaves Spices: Red Chilli Powder, Green Chilli raw, Garm Masla, Raw Mango powder, Sal Desi Ghee Water for kneading the dough

Cook Time: 20 Min


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Step 1

Sort Bathua Leaves and boil them for 5-10 min on a simmer gas. Put boiled leaves in colander . Let them cool off.

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Step 2

Take a large stell Parath (Plate with corners)  and add wheat flour along with spices, chopped green chillies and boiled, cooled bathua leaves.

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Step 3

Knead a slightly stiff dough and Add desi ghee once the dough is almost done. Cover it for 10 min. Make round ball and roll it on roller pin and use iron tatwa to make these hot parathas. Apply desi ghee on both sides.

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Step 4

Serve these hot and crispy desi ghee Bathua Parathas  with Dahi/Curd and Achar of your choice.

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