Would you Say NO to a healthy Achar that is delicious too?

Who says that Achar can’t be Healthy?


See How

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PREP TIME: 10 min

Jeera Mustard Seeds Red Chily dried Methre (FenuGreek) Saunf (Fennel) Green Chily Haldi Red Chily powder DHaniya Powder Fresh Amla Mustard Oil and salt



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Step 1

Boil Amla in water for 5 min Dry them and chop them 

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Step 2

Take all whole spices and grind them coarsely in grinder

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Step 3

Add spices to mustard oil  Add chopped Amla and salt. Cover for 3-4 min max. Mix in between This Recipe uses min oil as much as required to cook amla in heavy kadai!

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Step 4

Delicious Healthy Amla Achar is ready! It's good for a week's time in winters

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