Easy Ingredients

Easy Ingredients

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Pnaeer Garlic butter red chilly powder pink salt black pepper



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Step 1

In a large bowl, add paneer cubes, spices, butter and salt.  Make sure to remove excess water from paneer.

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Step 2

Toss the paneer cubes to mix spices and butter. While you do this pre heat air fryer at 190 deg C for about 5 min.

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Step 3

Place the spiced paneer cubes at even gaps in air fryer. You may brush air fryer basket with oil. 

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Step 4

Air fryer paneer cubes for about 8-10 min shaking mid way through. 

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Step 5

The air fried paneer is crispy and browned. Have it with a dip or dunk in gravy for perfect Indian meal.

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